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A Reading from The Night Before Red Satin Christmas

November 30, 2010
In this podcast, I'm reading an excerpt from my first holiday release of 2010: THE NIGHT BEFORE RED SATIN CHRISTMAS, now available from loveyoudivine!  I hope you'll enjoy this year's addition to my Red Satin series of transgender lesbian erotic romance stories.
The Night Before Red Satin Christmas
Giselle Renarde
loveyoudivine Alterotica
Maisie used to be Mark, and this Christmas her family will meet her as a woman for the first time.

As Maisie and her girlfriend Regan arrive in their hometown, Maisie has second thoughts about letting the family know they’re more than just friends. If her mom and sisters still see her as the family’s youngest son and baby brother, how will they be able to understand that she's not only a woman but also a lesbian?

Although Regan agrees to keep their relationship a secret, the deception plays heavy on her psyche. When Regan is reintroduced to Mitts, Maisie's older sister, the schooldays crush she had on Mitts explodes into fiery desire. Can Regan resist the appeal of her girlfriend's seductive sister? And will the family accept Maisie without reservation on the night before a Red Satin Christmas?

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60054-573-3

lyd Category: Transfix

Length: 11000 words

The Night Before Red Satin Christmas