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An Erotic Valentine’s Day Bible Reading (Seriously!)

February 14, 2010

Last year for Valentine's Day I created an original animation and a Charles Spearin-inspired piece of music to go along with it. It was called i knew and expressed the emotions I felt the first time my lovely girlfriend Sweet walked through my door.  You can still see it on my YouTube channel,

This year, I've created something equally heartfelt (though, admittedly, much less labour-intensive) for my Sweet. It's a reading. It's a BIBLE reading. Seriously. And I hope like hell it's the most erotic bible reading you'll ever encounter. What you're hearing is Chapter 4 from Song of Solomon. If you listen carefully, you'll note my emotion gets the better of me and I'm choked by love.  I was moved to tears by the words, "My sister, my spouse."

Love and Hugs,

Giselle Renarde