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Sample from Giselle’s New Audiobook

January 28, 2010

We interrupt our regularly-scheduled programming to bring you this BIG NEWS! My first audiobook "Ondine: An Erotic Tale of Art and Deception" is now available!  I'd love for you to listen to a brief sample.

"Ondine" was written by me--Giselle Renarde--and narrated by the author...also me! Very exciting indeed! Ondine won't be out in e-book or print format until March 2010, but you can get the audio book right now from Audible !

So, I bet you'd like to know a bit about this audiobook, right? Your wish is my command!

Ondine: An Erotic Tale of Art and Deception Unabridged Narrator: Giselle Renarde Length: 4 hours and 37 min.

Novice painter Evelyn Fon gets more than she bargained for after receiving her first big commission with the brand new Drinkwater Hotel. Who would have guessed Gavin Drinkwater, heir to the family fortune, would take such a keen personal interest in her? But when Evelyn arrives at the hotel's elegant Gala Celebration, she soon discovers she's there as a date for Gavin Drinkwater Senior, her crush's elitist - albeit incredibly handsome - father!

In attempting to escape the party - not to mention her embarrassment - Evelyn stumbles upon Gavin's mother, Imelda. Over a bottle of champagne, Imelda reveals the 20-year-old tale of her torrid lesbian love affair with a young ballerina named Ondine. But, as Evelyn soon finds out from the Drinkwater patriarch, there's more deception to her love story than even Imelda is aware. Can Evelyn uncover the truths buried in the past and reunite Gavin's estranged free-loving parents?Perhaps her role in the family drama will even earn her a place in the bashful heir's heart.

An erotic journey through the worlds of ballet, art, and passionate liaisons, Ondine is a sensual exploration of pansexual free love wrapped in a boy-meets-girl tale of mix-ups and misunderstandings. Warning: This title contains graphic language and depictions of lesbian sex, a pansexual orgy, and M/F/F ménage.

Explicit Language Warning: You must be 18 years or older to purchase this title. (c)2010 Giselle Renarde; (P)2009 Hudson Audio Publishing

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